When I first launched “Ash & Meg” in 2012, I really didn’t know what I was doing.  Comics were originally done in pencils and they didn’t look that professional.  Then I eventually starting using ink to make the strips stand out, but sometimes the quality was sloppy with some bad handwriting or uneven panel lines.  I want to create the best comic strip possible.  I want you to read “Ash & Meg” and think it’s a high quality comic that can be seen in any newspaper or publication out there.

The original site had about 90 strips.  I decided to take them all down and start from scratch.  You will see old comics and you will see new comics, but everything is redrawn and redone, so it’s really like everything is brand new.

My goal is to create a steady stream of comics to keep you coming back for more strips.  “Ash & Meg” will update three times a week – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Even though I’m launching this on Sunday, this counts as “Monday”.  See you for the next strip on Wednesday!