I have so much to say on this subject that I don’t even know where to start.

I will start by saying that I think cell phones are great inventions – I’ve taken some road trips recently and my phone has been great with giving directions and letting me know the upcoming traffic patterns (just to give an example).  But I think cell phones have been detrimental to human interactions.

It’s such a normal sighting to have someone looking down at their phones.  Do you ever watch old movies, like from the 70s or 80s, and see a sea of people and think to yourself, “how odd that everyone is looking up and not looking at a cell phone”.  And I’m baffled nowadays when I see a group of people all hanging out together and EVERYONE is looking at their phones.  Where is the face to face interactions?!?  Why did you all agree to hang out in the first place if you aren’t going to actually hang out?

I think the best word for all of this is that it’s rude.  It’s rude to be looking down at your phone when you are in the company of others.  I think it’s rude to be paying more attention to your phone than to, for example, watch where you’re walking.  And I think it’s rude to be on your phone at a restaurant and not pay attention to the server who is trying to do his or her job.