Hey – I’m going to take a short break from the comic.  I want to make this current storyline a good one and I haven’t had the time this week to put anything together.  I am planning to start back up again really soon.  Until then, check out some of the old strips – there are 70!  Here are the links to some of the past storylines and some random favorites –

Ash laments not making enough money as a server Here’s a Tip

Meg attempts to fix a clogged drain The Clog

Meg takes a trip (and the introduction of Emu!) Meg Takes A Trip

Ash first meets Weird Customer  Ash Has An Admirer

Alice thinks about college and Ash thinks about grad school (this is a fairly long storyline) College and Grad School

Meg can’t deal with being on her period The Period Drama

Meg finds a dog Meg Finds a Dog

The return of Weird Customer (and a bird!) The Bird

Ash and the customer who can’t make up her mind The Indecisive Customer

Ash and Meg attempt to exercise Exercise

Alice can’t figure out how to work a thermostat How Does This Work?

Meg becomes aware of cell phones in our society Can You Hear Me Now?

Alice doesn’t know how to talk to boys Alice and the Cute Guy